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South Side Impresarios book cover, showing four women dressed in formal attire sitting on a sofa.

South Side Impresarios

How Race Women Transformed
Chicago's Classical Music Scene

The women who put Chicago’s Black classical music on a cultural map of their own making

“Ege places Black women classical composers in their rightful intellectual and cultural context--the Chicago Renaissance, Black transnational modernism, and the rich musical communities which nourished and embraced their extraordinary creative genius.” 

Barbara D. Savage, author of Merze Tate: The Global Odyssey of a Black Woman Scholar


“This book is riveting and elegantly written. Ege meticulously depicts an intricate, close-knit network of women in South Side Chicago; a feeling of friendship and genuine affection for the women in this alliance; and a deep understanding of the sociocultural world that both hindered and supported these women’s work.” 

Sandra Jean Graham, author of Spirituals and the Birth

of a Black Entertainment Industry

Publication Date: November 12, 2024

Series: Music in American Life

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The Cambridge Companion to Florence B. Price

Edited by Samantha Ege & A. Kori Hill

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